We photograph families a little bit differently than the norm.

You invite us in.

We play, we dine, we share.

And we bring our cameras.

--We believe photos that are truly natural are the best, not just poses that are natural looking.
--We believe that each family's home and place of play are just as much a description of them at a moment in time as their faces and expressions.
--We believe that people are not so one dimensional that only a simple staring at the camera can fully capture who they are.
--We believe it is our smiles, frowns, thoughts, dreams, interests, movements, toys, favorite activities, interactions, that define us.

So we try to capture all of that. Artistically. Simply. Beautifully.

So… what does this look like? We come to your space(s) for around 3-4 hours and photograph your family: playing, preparing, eating, laughing, (maybe crying) and living in the space that you call home. Then we also go with you to a place that you enjoy as a family, and spend time with your family as you enjoy life. We don't tell you what to do. You bring us into your wonderful life and we capture it as fully, honestly, and beautifully as we can.

Family story sessions from $750.

If you would like to invite us to your home for an afternoon/evening please email us at hello(at)rayandkelly(dot)net and tell us why. :)