Here are a-few-word for word emails and letters we've received from past clients:

Oh my goodness! I just opened up the photos and I have to say I teared up on a few of them. Ray, you are truly gifted in photography. You captured some beautiful moments, especially the unposed ones. I laughed out loud at our "album cover" and really like a couple of our family portraits. Thank you so much for that time spent together... and we are so thankful for the photos. We treasure this gift from you. -- Sandra H.

We got the engagment pictures today and they are absolutly amazing! Thank you so much! -- Kristen O.

I have received SO MANY positive comments about the family picture that I used in the campaign ad that I thought I should let you know. You captured something on film that sparked a respose in people. -- Hon. Judge John C. State of Illinois Circuit Court